NEW Expedition grade 12V Lithium Power Carry Case
40Ah LiFePO4 dimensions 350L 250W 155H, 8.9kg
100Ah LiFePO4 330L 170W 215H, 14.5kg
Expedition grade lithium power case

Battery Value VRLA batteries

Supplying batteries for mission critical applications such as ambulance vehicles, fire fighting pumps and more.
  Battery Value Pty Ltd was established in 2009.

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February 2018
Access to the full range of Victron Energy products @ best prices
Carefully engineered, highly  reliable, complete solar system solutions for off grid applications with internet monitoring, a specialty!

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Top quality drop-in replacement start/stop AGM batteries by Banner Austria, serving our European car owners!

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At Battery Value you get:
  • wholesale to the public
  • no middlemen
  • full 24 month warranty on our BV range AGM batteries
  • best quality batteries and 12V gear
  • correctly rated battery cpacity here
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Site updated 5/2/2018
Battery Value Pty Ltd is an Australian registered company based in Arana Hills/Brisbane.
ABN 37067099101
Battery Value 125Ah AGM
12V 125Ah/20hr
410L/170W/235H 36.5kg deep cycle AGM battery
Super Cycle Battery Performance
>300 cycles @ 100% DoD (discharge to 10,8V @ 0,2C)
>700 cycles @ 60% DoD (3 hour discharge @ 0,2C)
>1000 cycles @ 40% DoD (2 hour discharge @ 0,2C
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***Important info, must read!***

More and more shonky sellers display battery capacity without the 20 hour suffix.
Capacity figures without the 20hr suffix are meaningless and in many cases this is done intentionally to con you into buying their product.

As you probably know, all batteries will return a lower capacity when you discharge them fast.
But it works both ways.
When discharging happens slower over a longer period of time, they offer MORE capacity.
So there needs to be a common denominator which according to Australian Standards is set at the 20 hour mark.
So for testing and capacity specification purposes you need to look at the 20hr figure or it will be like apples and oranges.

E.g. a 105Ah/20hr battery typically returns 125Ah when discharged very slowly, like 50 or 60 hours..
Unscrupulous sellers use this effect (google Peukert) to fudge capacity numbers to their advantage.

Battery Value Pty Ltd specify the capacity of their batteries at the 20 hour rate, according to AS4029.2.

How can you ensure you get what you're paying for?
Note that the capacity of a particular battery type is closely related to its weight (about 0.3kg per Ah for deep cycle AGM, so a 100Ah battery weighs about 30kg).

Now divide the asking price by the battery weight to see what you get.
At Battery Value you get exceptionally good bang for your buck.
You only pay $6.63 per kg of deep cycle AGM battery (based on $199 for our 30kg 100Ah battery).

Don't hesitate to drop us a line using the feedback form below, or by emailing

Battery Value 110Ah AGM
12V 110Ah/20hr
330L/169W/220H 32kg deep cycle AGM battery
Super Cycle Battery Performance
>300 cycles @ 100% DoD (discharge to 10,8V @ 0,2C)
>700 cycles @ 60% DoD (3 hour discharge @ 0,2C)
>1000 cycles @ 40% DoD (2 hour discharge @ 0,2C

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+++ Tip of the Week +++
Battery bank getting a bit tired?
Inverter undervolting frequently?
Before you rush and buy new batteries read below.

First things first:
ensure your batteries get to see 14.4V~14.8V absorption, until fully charged, followed by 13.8V float.
The best way to take a voltage reading is by multimeter straight across the battery terminals.

Although ageing batteries may still have plenty of life left in them for powering smaller loads, their ability to supply peak amps slowly fades away.

And here's the workaround:
just wire a small albeit powerful AGM battery in parallel.
This powerful AGM battery, thanks to its low internal resistance will ensure your inverter no longer trips when you turn on the microwave or toaster.
In other words, the battery bank will supply the amp hours for small constant loads such as the fridge, while the added AGM powerplant takes care of the peak amps.

And because you're with Battery Value, this solution isn't expensive at all.
I'm talking about one extraordinary battery product: AGM technology designed specifically for start/stop environments.
In fact there's no other application putting more stress on the battery than start/stop and recuperative braking.
Only the best will do.

It's made in Europe by Banner/Austria who aptly named it 'Running Bull'.

Battery Value 100Ah AGM
12V 100Ah/20hr
306L/170W/225H 30.5kg deep cycle AGM battery
Super Cycle Battery Performance
>300 cycles @ 100% DoD (discharge to 10,8V @ 0,2C)
>700 cycles @ 60% DoD (3 hour discharge @ 0,2C)
>1000 cycles @ 40% DoD (2 hour discharge @ 0,2C

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Banner 70Ah 750CCA battery

Banner Running Bull 70Ah/20hr 750CCA
278L/175W/190H 21kg start/stop AGM battery
True Dual Purpose Battery
$189.00 request to buy
also available
80Ah 315L, 92Ah 354L, 105Ah 394L all 175W/190H
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  • The next step in battery technology
  • 70Ah/720EN/750CCA
  • 278Lx175Wx190H 21kg
  • BRAND NEW top quality AGM battery by any standard
  • Drop in replacement for many European cars
  • Rapid rechargeability
  • Rivals spiral wound AGM technology, minus the complex manufacturing process and cost
  • Can be charged by anything, including high rated vehicle/yacht alternators
  • Low self discharge (important for marine applications)
  • This battery technology has been chosen for demanding applications like start/stop systems and micro hybrids
  • Class leading cranking performance even when partially discharged
  • This is one tough battery, ideally suited for YOUR application
  • 12 month warranty
pair of solid brass terminals with 5/16" studs and wingnuts: $12.00
battery terminals

  • Strong carry case housing 12V 40Ah LiFePO4 battery pack.
  • Anderson style, merit, ciga sockets, 4xUSB adaptor.
  • All inputs and outputs controlled by internal battery management and protection system.
  • Overload and short circuit protected.
  • Can be charged with common multi stage chargers and solar.
Operational Specs:
Charging to 14.4V 8~15A
Max discharge current 60A continuous 80A peak

was $895.00
EOFY Special $825.00
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Victron MPPT 70/15 solar regulator
shipping by registered mail or express bag: $15.00

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Battery Value Victron MPPT75/50
shipping by registered mail or express bag: $20.00

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Battery Value Victron BMV602S
shipping by registered mail or express bag: $20.00

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Next gen MPPT solar regulator for maximum battery durability
MPPT 75/15 (photo shows previous version 70/15)
by Victron Energy

user manual
  • IP65 rated (waterproof), electronic components potted in resin
  • Perfect for converting down from 24V or 36V domestic solar panels for 12V battery charging.
  • 3 selectable low battery load disconnect modes (includes world first BatteryLife algorithm).
  • Ultra fast tracking extracts an extra 5~10% of charging amps compared to other MPPT solar regulators.
  • Internal shunts for precise current control and measurement.
  • Electronic 15 amp max charging current regulator (cannot be overloaded by too much solar power).
  • Self adjusts to 12V or 24V batteries.
  • Up to 75V o/c panel voltage so you can wire up to three 12V rated solar panels in series.
  • Multi stage charging algorithm with current taper recognition for correct absorption/float switch-over, independent of load current.
  • SOC adaptive time controlled absorption stage charging to protect the battery from overcharging when charging current taper recognition isn't working (in case loads are directly connected to the battery terminals).
  • Unit comes with the following setpoints: absorption...14.6V, float...13.8V (double these for 24V batteries).
  • On request we can adjust these for other chemistries like gel, or lithium ion including ferrous LiFePO4 (e.g. 3.55V absorption, 3.45V float per cell).
  • Selectable low voltage load disconnect 11.1V or 11.8V (2.8V or 2.95V for lithium battery cell)
  • Our units were programmed with the latest software revision which includes all features mentioned above.
  • This solar regulator is capable of getting the best out of your battery in terms of durability, plus it can extract maximum power from your solar panels for fastest possible charging.
  • We're here to help with your setup.
    For this, and technical advice and information, please email us on 
  • Free pickup for our local customers (Everton Hills/Brisbane).
  • 2 year warranty.
Solar regulator MPPT 75/50
by Victron Energy

user manual
  • select from 7 charging modes inc LiFePO4
  • up to 75V panel voltage
  • 50 amp charging current
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty
Precision battery monitor BMV-600S
by Victron Energy

user manual
  • comes complete with 500A shunt
  • for all battery types and voltages
  • accurate state of charge SOC meter
  • programmable audible alarm and relay contacts
12V 25A precision charger, click for larger image
25A 12V precision battery charger

remote control unit: $36.00
Shipping by registered mail $30.00
Local pickups possible
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  • Full 14.8V/25 amps charging for the shortest possible recharging times based on 100Ah VRLA AGM batteries.
  • "Half power mode" to make the charger compatible for smaller batteries, and to extend the list of suitable input power sources.
  • Charge up to three separate batteries at the same time.
  • Multiple battery protection features like external temperature sensor, absorption time limiter, and initial battery charge acceptance test.
  • Use as a stand alone 13.8V/25A power supply.
  • Fully Australian complianced (c-tick and electrical safety approval number).
  • High quality of all components and workmanship.
  • 2 year warranty.
  • Extremely competitive pricing.
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