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  200Ah Victron Energy LiFePO4 LFP lithium battery with bluetooth app
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Victron appVictron 12V 200Ah LFP LiFePO4 lithium battery

January 2023
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Well engineered, highly  reliable, complete solar system solutions for off grid applications with internet monitoring, a specialty!

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AGM batteries for allround use supplied by NPP Vietnam
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NPP 120Ah
120Ah(10hr), 410L 175W 235H, 36.2kg $270.00
Special $245.00
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***Important info, must read!***

More and more shonky sellers display battery capacity without the 20 hour suffix.
Capacity figures without the 20hr suffix are meaningless and in many cases this is done intentionally to con you into buying their product.

As you probably know, all batteries will return a lower capacity when you discharge them fast.
But it works both ways.
When discharging happens slower over a longer period of time, they offer MORE capacity.
So there needs to be a common denominator which according to Australian Standards is set at the 20 hour mark.
So for testing and capacity specification purposes you need to look at the 20hr figure or it will be like apples and oranges.

E.g. a 105Ah/20hr battery typically returns 125Ah when discharged very slowly, like 50 or 60 hours..
Unscrupulous sellers use this effect (google Peukert) to fudge capacity numbers to their advantage.

Battery Value Pty Ltd specify the capacity of their batteries at the 20 hour rate, according to AS4029.2.

How can you ensure you get what you're paying for?
Note that the capacity of a particular battery type is closely related to its weight (about 0.3kg per Ah for deep cycle AGM, so a 100Ah battery weighs about 30kg).

Now divide the asking price by the battery weight to see what you get.
At Battery Value you get exceptionally good bang for your buck.
You only pay $6.80 per kg (based on $245 for the NPP 120 AGM battery).

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Lithium batteries
LiFe Maxx batteries for allround use

LiFe Maxx 12V 12kg 100Ah 150A 1800W continuous power

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12V, 12kg, 100Ah, 150A continuous 1800W $845.00
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Lithium batteries
  • 12V, 12kg, 100Ah, 150A continuous
  • 330L 170W 220H
  • internal BMS
  • drop-in ready
  • charge to 14.4V
  • voltage/temperature display
  • powers big inverter loads
  • removable sealed lid
  • but sorry, not suitable for cranking
  • 24 mth warranty
Victron MPPT 75-15

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Battery Value Victron MPPT75/50

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Battery Value Victron BMV602S

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True MPPT solar regulator for maximum battery life
Victron Energy MPPT 75/15

user manual
  • IP65 rated (waterproof), electronic components potted in resin
  • Perfect for converting down from 24V or 36V domestic solar panels for 12V battery charging.
  • 3 selectable low battery load disconnect modes (includes world first BatteryLife algorithm).
  • Ultra fast tracking extracts an extra 5~10% of charging amps compared to other MPPT solar regulators.
  • Internal shunts for precise current control and measurement.
  • Electronic 15 amp max charging current regulator (cannot be overloaded by too much solar power).
  • Self adjusts to 12V or 24V batteries.
  • Up to 75V o/c panel voltage so you can wire up to three 12V rated solar panels in series.
  • Multi stage charging algorithm with current taper recognition for correct absorption/float switch-over, independent of load current.
  • SOC adaptive time controlled absorption stage charging to protect the battery from overcharging when charging current taper recognition isn't working (in case loads are directly connected to the battery terminals).
  • Unit comes with the following setpoints: absorption...14.6V, float...13.8V (double these for 24V batteries).
  • On request we can adjust these for other chemistries like gel, or lithium ion including ferrous LiFePO4 (e.g. 3.55V absorption, 3.45V float per cell).
  • Selectable low voltage load disconnect 11.1V or 11.8V (2.8V or 2.95V for lithium battery cell)
  • Our units were programmed with the latest software revision which includes all features mentioned above.
  • This solar regulator is capable of getting the best out of your battery in terms of durability, plus it can extract maximum power from your solar panels for fastest possible charging.
  • We're here to help with your setup.
    For this, and technical advice and information, please email us on 
  • Free pickup for our local customers (Arana Hills/Brisbane).
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty.
Solar regulator MPPT 75/50
by Victron Energy

user manual
  • select from 7 charging modes inc LiFePO4
  • up to 75V panel voltage
  • 50 amp charging current
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty
Precision battery monitor BMV-700
by Victron Energy

user manual
  • comes complete with 500A shunt
  • for all battery types and voltages
  • accurate state of charge SOC meter
  • programmable audible alarm and relay contacts